OnsiteGo: more information

OnsiteGois a program that protects devices. That's right, we said it. With OnsiteGo, you can have every kind of device taken care of, from its warranty through its repair. It is a leading brand in the market. When you have finished purchasing an electronics item, neither the manufacturer nor the retailer from whom you purchased it will guarantee support in the event of a problem. You can even get a primary phone fixed with some difficulty. OnsiteGo can help with that. Almost every device is covered, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, microwaves, and refrigerators. Any problem, physical or technical, OnsiteGo can handle. They also offer an extended warranty program as their flagship product. Even after your manufacturer's warranty has expired, you can use this to protect your device. Therefore, visit OnsiteGo today and avoid losing your valuable gadgets!

With Onsitego coupons, you can get a discount on the amount you are supposed to pay for the method you consider by taking the plan.

Purchasing onsite plans: tips and tricks

It is easy to buy plans from Onsitego. All you have to do is follow three steps

  • Choosing a category
  • Choose your price range
  • Purchasing a plan

Purchasing requires:

  • Go to the site
  • Select the device you wish to protect in the homepage tab
  • Click the "view plans" link.
  • You can choose from the available plans and plan the duration
  • "Click here to buy."
  • Verify your order summary
  • Apply your coupon code (if applicable)
  • Complete the personal information.
  • You will receive a password / OTP via your email address.
  • Choose your payment method.
  • Once the customer has successfully purchased an Onsitego protection plan, they will receive an email from Onsitego containing a URL within an hour after the purchase.

A Guide to Activating Protection Plans Onsite

  • Following the purchase of an Onsitego protection plan for a device, it is necessary to register the device with Onsite.
  • You should write your appliance or device within 30 days of buying the program.
  • As a result,
    • You can access the URL sent to your registered email address by clicking it.
    • Upload a copy of the invoice and provide the device details, such as serial numbers
    • When the Onsitego plan registration is successful, the customer will receive a confirmation email. This letter will also send them a 'Certificate of Protection.' Onsitego plan details appear in this document.

Onsitego.Com: How To Save More

  • Using coupons
  • Take advantage of Onsitego's festive offers to get the best deals. You can get discounts of up to 30%.

You may not know these five things about Onsitego.com.

  • Over 5 million people use Onsite for device protection in India.
  • Customer service at Onsite is easy and convenient. Devices will be collected, repaired, and returned to you. Furthermore, unique protection plans offer the best protection for various electronic gadgets, both large and small.
  • Onsitego offers damage protection plans for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for all types of damage, including liquid and physical damage.
  • It is also safe Onsitego for problems like power surges discovered during the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Onsitego offers an Extended Warranty which protects electronic devices even after the manufacturer's warranty has expired.

Take advantage of Onsitego Offers and Deals to get hefty discounts.

You can make maintaining your own devices seamless by purchasing plans when buying an electronic gadget and holding it for a lifetime. You will be able to save money. There are also several deals and offers offered by the company so that you can get a great deal without spending a lot of money. Right now, you can save upto 20% off the entire gadget & appliance protection plan. Don't miss out! Use the Onsitego promo code today.

Promo code for OnsiteGo

OnsiteGo Coupon Code: How to use it?

  1. For more information, visit Dealsma.com or download the Dealsma app.
  2. You can find the store page on the website.
  3. You can browse all OnsiteGo coupons listed here.
  4. You will need to copy the code from the "Get Code" link.
  5. Visit the retailer by clicking "Visit Retailer."
  6. Go to the payment page after adding the plan to your cart.
  7. Confirm the program by entering the promo code.

The #1 Rated Device Protection Program in India is OnsiteGo

With OnsiteGo, you can purchase electronics and gadgets with excellent customer service. In addition to extending the lives of its customers' electronic devices and appliances, the company also maximizes the benefits. OnsiteGo has more than 5 million customers around the world. As a result, the company wished to make reselling electronic products and its own a hassle-free process for consumers.

You can choose from a wide range of plans for mobile phones, tablet computers, digital cameras, audio systems, satellite television, air conditioners, washing machines, room cooling devices, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, irons, refrigerators, water purifiers, microwaves, dishwashers, juicers, mixer grinders, and many more. For a reasonable price, you can take advantage of Onsitego coupons.

OnsiteGo caters to electronics & Home Appliances.

You receive exclusive offers and discounts when you order services from Onsitego.

  • India's best repairing services
  • There is no need for paperwork
  • Whether to repair or replace
  • You can drop or free up damaged or repaired items for free.
  • Services provided at home.

Get Appliances Instant Repairs at OnsiteGo

Here, you'll find high-quality repairs. At OnsiteGo, you can have mobile phones, iPhones, computers, tablets, digital cameras, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, televisions, and other items repaired. We guarantee discounts on all services. Please visit the website for more information.

Support at OnsiteGo

If you need assistance, contact the OnsiteGo customer service team at:

The support number is 1800 220 506, and the number is +91 9920599206

Send an email to help@onsite.co.in

Onsitego Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways does Onsitego extend its television warranty?

Under its extended warranty, Onsitego provides free home service, free replacement and covers all malfunctions. Plans are available from 1-4 years. Prices start at about Rs. 300.

Which Onsitego plans are available for Home Appliances?

There are a variety of home appliances maintenance plans, such as extended warranties, basic maintenance plans, and comprehensive maintenance plans.

Does Onsitego offer additional discounts on AC repair and services?

You will receive a flat cashback of Rs. 300 when you avail of Onsitego services via Dealsma.

Onsitego Protection Plan: How do I activate it?

You will receive a link to access the Onsitego protection plan, open the link, and fill out all the details. You will then need to upload the invoice. Click on the Submit button. You will receive a confirmation with your 'Certificate of Protection' after registering the plan and activating your project shortly after.