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About Tatayab

Tatayab, the most authentic online store for fragrances in the Middle East, has a slogan that states “Tatayb - where there’s a scent for every mood.” The company is customer-centric and heavily focused on their users' satisfaction with more than 1300+ products including perfumes, incense, and home fragrance to choose from.

Tatayab started off with a few products, but now has thousands of different items ready for sale. You can browse the website or download an app to find what you're looking for faster than ever before!

Live Your Best With Tatayab Products In Your Life

Tatayab has the widest selection of products you're looking for. Browse through its vast collection and find great deals on high-quality items that are perfect for your needs.

Fragrances For Your Cheers

Tatayab offers an array of authentic fragrances, ranging from traditional Arabic smells to modern perfumes. There are also unisex options for those who want something more unique or versatile in their fragrance collection. Explore the plethora of choices that Tatayab has to offer and see which scent suits you best!

Tatayab is the store for your home and self-care needs. Along with an irresistible body, Tatayab has a great selection of scented candles that will make you feel comfortable in your own space.

Explore popular brands such as Tatera, Al Jassar, Kunooz Al Teeb., etc to find what smells best for you! Don't forget about their Mubkhars too - they're incense burners that add another layer when burning fragrances within them! Save more on all items at Tatayab by using the Tatayab coupon code now.

The Best Care For Your Skin, Body & Hair

As your skin deserves, Tatayab offers a wide variety of products to take care of it. There are lotions and creams that hydrate the skin or protect against pollution; there is also equipment like scales for personal use, as well as home cleaning detergents such as vacuum cleaners & steamers. With the Tatayab discount code, you can save more on everything!

Hair fall is a common problem, but don't worry. There are many factors that can cause hair loss such as dehydration, stress, pollution, and genetics to name just a few examples! To fight these factors you need the support of quality products from our store for every step in your routine - no matter if it's mists or shampoo & conditioners; serums or styling tools; we've got everything covered at Tatayab! Brands like L'Oreal Revlon Dior Babyliss Carrera and more.

There Is More Than You Can Imagine

Tatayab offers more than you could imagine. From contact lenses to gifts, Tatayab has it all! You can shop for different types of the lens from Anesthesia that will change how your look and have better vision without the need to wear glasses.

The gift section is also filled with top brands like Dunhill, Elizabeth Arden, Mancera, and Chanel at great prices – perfect if you are looking for a sensual or thoughtful present.

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Tatayab specializes in providing authentic products to its customer at a discounted price. Along with this, the store gives customers access to unending deals and sales from time to time that they can take advantage of for their shopping budget.

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Fast Delivery, Easy Payments & Returns

Tatayab assures its customers that it is not just a way to buy TV parts, but also offers the option of paying with cash on delivery. Tatayab delivers its products to UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the other Gulf States like Kuwait or Qatar in addition to Bahrain & Oman if you prefer non-online payments.

If for any reason you are unhappy with your order from Tatayab - which includes items being faulty, as well as things, go missing during shipping - then they will happily accept returns within 14 days of purchase provided they're returned unopened and all components/accessories have been included when shipped out originally.

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